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About Us

Started on March 17, 2018 as an online media company, Yunoya Media is a place for Pop Culture and Lifestyle enthusiasts in Indonesia

With continuous growth, now we expanded our business as a Pop Culture and Lifestyle Companies

Yunoya Media is an online media about Pop Culture and Lifestyle. We have five main categories like Geek, Movies, Games, Gadget, and Lifestyle (Food and Travel)

Yunoya Podcast presents original podcasts with topic related to Pop Culture and Lifestyle. There are various titles with various genres available

SHOUT! is Yunoya Media advertising and marketing agency. We will promote your products, brands, or events to all Yunoya platforms like we are shouting

Entering the clothing industry, Yunoya Media created a clothing brand named Yunomerch which collaborated with various artists to create a Pop Culture-themed merch

Our story

The naming of “Yunoya” comes from the word “Euonia“, which means “Good Thinking“. Here we want to give the best thinking and what we know related to Pop Culture and Lifestyle for all readers, because readers satisfaction is the top priority

An exclamation mark in Yunoya‘s logo symbolizes eureka and also indicates the information is always there. Not only that, the thumbs up symbol is a sign to always be grateful and provide the best and new information to all readers

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